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High Quality Heating Systems in the Canberra Area

When Canberra cools down, it can get icy out, so an efficient
and reliable heating system is not only desirable, it’s a necessity.

The local team at Thermal Active Air-Conditioning & Heating
have decades of experience in providing top-quality heating
systems to residential, commercial, building, and industrial
clients throughout Canberra and surrounding areas. 


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Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is a whole home heating and cooling solution, allowing air conditioning to multiple rooms or an entire house using one system calculated to suit the size of your home. The indoor unit is located in the ceiling or under the floor and the outdoor unit is placed in a suitable location outside. The conditioned air is circulated via ductwork in the ceiling or floor cavity with outlets in as many rooms as desired.

Ducted air conditioners are reverse cycle, meaning they can heat in winter and cool in summer. The temperature and hours of operation are controlled by an easy to use control panel and the use of zones can help customise the system to suit your individual needs and lifestyle. 

Ducted gas heating

Ducted gas heating has a gas furnace connected to a series of outlets via ductwork in the floor or ceiling. The heating system draws air from inside your home through the heater where it is warmed, then a fan pushes it into the rooms of your home via the duct network in a steady supply of warm air. The system monitors the air temperature to ensure a consistently warm temperature throughout your home. Gas furnaces come in different models from 3 star to 7 star, high-efficiency units.

Get in touch with our specialists today to find out more about ducted gas heating systems. We can answer any questions you may have or offer advice should you be unsure of which heating system is right for your property and needs. We’ll be happy to arrange an on-site inspection and supply you with a free quote on our range of affordable, top-quality products and services.

Standalone reverse cycle system

Room split systems condition a single room to ideal comfort levels and provide efficient and effective cooling and heating where is it needed. There is a split system to suit every size and space, including:

  • Wall-hung split system: The wall hung indoor unit is mounted high on the wall and an outdoor unit is placed in a suitable position outside
  • Cassette split systems: Cassette split systems are ideal where wall space is limited or four-way airflow is desired
  • Under ceiling/floor console: Floor/ceiling consoles suit certain applications where wall hung units are not an option
  •  Multi-head split systems: A multi-head split system is an option for heating or cooling in more than one room when ducting is impractical or when independent room control is desired. Multi-head split systems heat or cool multiple, individual rooms with only one outdoor unit.

For more information about our extensive range of heating systems,
get in touch with our expert team today on 02 6239 2772

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